New producer arrived - Az. Agr. Stra from Novello! November 28 2019

Stra is located in Novello. It´s an old farm with more than 200 years of wine-making experience. It´s a very small producer producing only about 30 000 bottles. Today the new generation Paolo is running the farm together with his father Roberto, mother Maresa and grandmother Irma.

In terms of Barolo they produce Barolo La Volta, Barolo Ciocchini Loschetto (monopoly cru located by the farm) and in some years also Barolo Riserva. Visit them at Stra.

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New producer arrived - Borgogno Francesco - 20% off! March 25 2018

Fantastic! Borgogno Francesco just arrived with Barolo Brunate 2013 and Barolo Castellero 2013. Use the following link to obtain 20% off: or discount code "borgogno20"!

Collina San Ponzio Barolo 2011 September 11 2017

Ballarin Barolo Bricco Rocca 2013 - now only 35,- before €42,-! July 21 2017


Rich bouquet, slightly herbal, with scents of fruit skins, elegant with floral notes of rose and violet.


Deep ruby red colour with orange reflections.


The palate is intense, rich, sweet, soft and persistent. Ages well. The grapes come from our vineyards in La Morra and the wine is aged in 10-20 Hl Slavonian oak barrels.

The vineyards Bricco Rocca is one of the sub-denominations of the Barolo area in the town of La Morra. The word “Bricco” means the highest part of a hill. “Rocca”, after which the hill was named, is the name of the neighbourhood located at the foot of the hill.


It is ideal with roasts and red meats, braised beef and seasoned cheeses.

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