What about the 2011 vintage in Barolo?

To sum up: after the celebrated 2010 vintage year, here is another great one, destined to stand up to the next fifteen years in wine cellar.

After the much lauded 2010 vintage year, it has been interesting to explore the 2011 harvest. The chief characteristic of the 2011 year is surely its precocious onset, with vegitation starting off quite early thanks to abundant rains in March along with high temperatures in April. This gave the vins a head start of about 15 days compared to the average in most years. A very hot August led to a weight drop in the grapes, so they reached harvest time without health problems and with a good balance between the components, thanks also to beneficial rains and temperature drop at the beginning of September. 

The result of this weather was a Barolo that, although it didn´t achieve the results of 2010, displays mature and exuberant fruit aromas, followed by a palate of medium structure, never too tannic, softened by a good degree of alcoholand balanced by a notable acidic vein. Overall, we can say that 2011 is not a historic year, but it is definitely pleasant and balanced. We will be drinking excellent bottles over the next 15 years.