New producer arrived – Az. Agr. Stra from Novello!

black friday wine deal


Stra is located in Novello. It´s an old farm with more than 200 years of wine-making experience. It´s a very small producer producing only about 30 000 bottles. Today the new generation Paolo is running the farm together with his father Roberto, mother Maresa and grandmother Irma.

In terms of Barolo they produce Barolo La Volta, Barolo Ciocchini Loschetto (monopoly cru located by the farm) and in some years also Barolo Riserva. Visit them at Stra.

We celebrate by giving you 50% discount on both Barolo´s from Stra, cru La Volta 2015 and Ciocchini Loschetto 2015 during all the Black Friday weekend!