La Spinetta Barolo Campé Riserva Magnum 2009



An aromatic profile that ranges from rose petals to plum and black berries, leading up to white truffles and underbrush.


Intense vibrant ruby red.


La Spinetta Barolo Campé Riserva is a complex and majestic Barolo. The tannic structure is solid and harmonious, with a full and mighty finish.

Maceration and alcoholic fermentation in temperature-controlled vats for an average period of 14-15 days. Malolactic fermentation done in French oak barrels, of which 20% is new and the remaining in used (2nd passage) followed by 24 months of aging. Finally, bottle-aged for at least 12 months.

The Riserva Barolo Campé is made from a selection of the best grapes and is aged at least 10 years. About 400 magnums of Barolo Campé are produced every year.


Tajarin with Alba white truffle, ox roast.

Weight 1,0 kg