Marchesi di Barolo Sarmassa 2014



Its nose is intense and has distinct traces of wild rose, vanilla, licorice and spices, as well asdelicate pine resin and tobaccoaromas.


Barolo Sarmassa is characterized by its deep garnet red color.


The taste of Marchesi di Barolo Sarmassa is full and elegant, full-bodied with evident tannins. The pleasant spicy and woody properties blend perfectly.

The grapes are collected exclusively by hand and quickly taken to the cellar where they are destemmedand softly pressed to extract only the most noble and aromatic parts from the skins and the outer portion of the grape.Fermentation takes place at a controlled temperature in thermo-conditioned tanks. Maceration lasts for 10 days. During this time, the wine is regularly recycled from the bottom to the top of the tank so that the must takes on all the trace elements present in the skins and delicately extracts the color.

The wine ages for two years:a part in Slavonian oak barrels of 30 or 35 hectoliters (792-924 U.S. gallons) and the other part in small French medium-toasted oak barrels (225 liters/ 59 U.S.gallons). The two parts are then blended in traditional big oak barrels and the wine completes its fining in the bottle before going on to the market. Barolo Sarmassa reaches maturity after 8 years from harvest and its peak condition is between 8 and 30 years of age, making this wine structured, colorful, tannic and long-lasting.


Barolo Sarmassais well-matched with traditional Langhe egg pasta, tajarin and meat-stuffed ravioli, as well as with roasts, stews, braised meats and game. It is also the ideal companion forgoat’s milk and mildly-aged cheeses.

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