Martinetti Barolo Marasco Magnum 2011



In the nose, roses and violets alternate, barely revealing promising fragrances yet to unravel.


The intense and yet delicate purple colour of the still very young wine doesn’t allow for any of the softer tones, hinting at time that has yet to go by.


On the palate, the wine is as warm as a woman who’s just made love: opulent and sensual. Morello cherries reveal themselves in the long and bewitching finish, and the choice of the name – suggested hitherto by a thousand hints – becomes evident.


Alongside its traditional pairings, Marasco is exalted by the company of ripe cheeses – whether of sheep’s milk or of mixed sheep and goat’s milk – the kind of “toma” that you would almost deliberately forget in your cellar until time has taken its course.

Weight 1,0 kg