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Osteria La Cantinella

Osteria La Cantinella is located in the historical centre of Barolo, at the beginning of Via Acqua Gelata that connects Piazza Colber. La Cantinella, created by Nella Cravero, barolese to her fingertips, who renovated a private home first into an osteria-vineria offering a combination of wine and typical “homecooked dishes,” and when that became successful, ambitiously upgraded it to a full-fledged restaurant, boasting a fine menu, wine list, and standard offerings, all strictly based, it goes without saying, upon the exceptional local ingredients and upon the dishes traditional to the Langa of Alba.

The cuisine fully represents the local traditional dishes, in particular obligatory specialties such as risotto al barolo, salciccia al vino, and brasato, and is based on the finest local producers and products; to the fullest extent possible and everything is hand-made in the kitchen. They don´t have a web-site, but you find them at Via Acqua gelata, 4/a – 12060 Barolo (Cn), phone no.: +39 0173 56267 and e-mail:
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Restaurant Brezza

Is located in the village of Barolo. In the highly-refined room, or on sunny days on the balcony from where an enchanting view may enjoyed, clients are given the opportunity of choosing from a wide range of courses. Among them, a few of the most delicious are: home-made pasta, “tajarin” and “agnolotti del plin” pasta, to which, during the autumn, the king of the Langhe area, the truffle, is added.

Don’t forget to taste the hors-d’oeuvres, one of the most delicious deserts belonging to the gastronomic tradition of the Piedmont region. Barolo wine is one of the main protagonists of the lunch. A wide selection of Barolo wine is at the disposal of the clients, offering them around 70 different bottle labels, among which the “Brezza bottle label. 

Visit them at Restaurant Brezza.

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Le Repubblica di Perno

Le Repubblica di Perno is a new and cosy restaurant in the middle of the vineyards. They use only local ingredients and make tastful and homemade dishes. The place to taste truffle.

Visit them at La Repubblica di Perno.

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Restaurant Locanda del Pilone

Locanda del Pilone is “In a position dominating the famous vineyards, Piedmont’s cuisine is enriched with a Neapolitan touch: two great cuisines and gastronomic excellence. Charming panoramic rooms with period furnishings. Specialties: Raw and cooked scampi, yogurt, and passion fruit. Mixed pasta with Borlotti beans and seafood. Pigeon, vanilla sauce, foie gras, mini apple tarte tatin.” New listing at Michelin: 

Anyone stopping at the Locanda del Pilone restaurant for lunch or dinner, a short break or a long holiday will have the opportunity to discover Masayuki Kondo cuisine. His dishes are an innovative interpretation of the great traditions of Piedmont. The team of chefs present lively and exciting dishes that are always in tune with the season and its fruits. The purity of ingredients, the quality of raw materials, harmonious fragrances and clean flavors are the principal values of this cuisine. The service is impeccable and there are over 1,200 wines on the wine list. 

Please visit Restaurant Locanda del Pilone.

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Restaurant L´osteria del Vignaiolo

L´osteria del Vignaiolo is a small and local restaurant owned by Luciano Marengo in the beautiful village of Santa Maria La Morra. They have only a few tables inside, and during the summer it´s lovely to sit outside with the view of Santa Maria vineyards. At Vignaiolo you will be served local dishes created ingredients from the season. 

They have a great winelist with a great selection of local wines from the Langhe area.

They also have five cosy and beautiful rooms to rent.

Please visit L´osteria del Vignaiolo.

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Barolo Friends

Barolo Friends is a restaurant wine bar situated next to the Falletti Castle in Barolo and it is in the historical rooms that were formerly used as bakery by the family Olivero, then from 1954 by Rino Scarzello and finally from 1979 to the beginning of the 1990s by the Cravero brothers. During 2013 Paolo Annoni opened his own restaurant and wine bar Barolofriends, a perfect place to taste traditional local dishes, beside international proposals, always accompanied by the great wines of Langhe and Roero area. Have a look at their video.

Their cuisine is based on the great products of the Barolo territory, that are carefully and passionately selected by their chef Imer Pegoraro, helped by his assistant Laura Greco.

 Please visit Barolo Friends.

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Enoteca La Vite Turchese

Enoteca La Vite Turchese is a perfect place to pop in for a glas of Barolo and some easy typical food like mixed salami and cheeses. They have an incredible wine list, and a very dedicated and knowledgeable owner named Stefano Moiso.

Its worth a visit at Enoteca La Vita Turchese.

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Mangè is located in La Morra. High quality of traditional Piedmont products is the key of the excellent work of Angelo and Maria Cristina.

Visit them at Mangè.

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Ristorante Bovio

Ristorante Bovio the Bovio family, one of the oldest families of restaurateurs in Piedmont, already managers of the well-known Ristorante Belvedere of La Morra for more than 40years, has now moved to a new place, in a panoramic position among the vineyards of Barolo. Alessandra, together with her father Gian Bovio, continue the family tradition in the dining room. It is an informal but elegant environment, and you can see delightful views over the vineyards and castles of the Langhe through big windows. Lunch or dinner on the panoramic terrace is not to be missed in the summer.

Visit them at Bovio.

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Ristorante Trattoria della Posta

Ristorante Trattoria della Posta began the history in 1875 when Sabino Massolino – the current owner’s great-grandfather – opened a rest and stabling point for travellers in Monforte d’Alba, in the very heart of Langhe. Through the years the restaurant was managed uninterruptly by Massolino family, becoming one of the centers of Langhe typical cuisine. In the Second World War aftermath, another Sabino – the current owner grandfather – definitely increased the restaurant’s standards by improving the wine list’s quality and quantity. In 1985 Sabino and his wife Elvira were joined in the restaurant’s management by their son Gianfranco. Gianfranco Massolino, an expert both Italian and international cuisine as very interested in food experimentation, gives a turn to the Trattoria della Posta’s cuisine, by keeping the local roots steady but aiming at absolute quality.

In 2000 a countryside house on the hills becomes the new seat of the restaurant, which allowed to create an environment that is both elegant and connected to the traditions and memories of events and people characterising the Trattoria della Posta ‘s first 130 years of history.

Please visit them at Trattoria della Posta.

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Locanda in Cannubi

Locanda in Cannubi benefits from the culinary experience of the Bertolini-Boggione family, a veritable institution in the world of traditional Langhe cuisine. The owners prefer the fresh, seasonal flavours in their constant quest for the finest ingredients, and skilfully “rewrite” time-honoured recipes with more contemporary, artistic touches while preserving their original nature.

The Locanda is the perfect place to taste the wines of the Tenuta Carretta estate, and in particular their outstanding Barolo Cannubi produced from the Nebbiolo grapes harvested right here on this very hill.

The wine list presents an extensive selection encompassing the entire range from Tenuta Carretta, as well as other great Barolos and wines from the most celebrated local producers. While every need is catered for, from young whites to full-bodied reds, His Majesty Barolo, the King of Wines, takes pride of place, and it is possible to indulge in intriguing vertical tastings of Barolo Cannubi from various producers, and to taste and purchase wines on site.

Visit restaurant at Locanda di Cannubi.

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Osteria Veglio

Osteria Veglio is one of the historical restaurants in Piemonte. It´s a small family run trattoria with an excellent cusine run by Maria Rinaldi. They offer traditional dishes and an extensive wine list. The restaurant has a terrace overlooking the Barolo vineyards with a lovely view.
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Massimocamia Ristorante

Massimocamia Ristorante is warm and cosy, with a modern yet appealing ambience offering great views over the hills of the Langa. A dynamic young crew and bespoke location have given both the cuisine and the hospitality extra new impetus. Priority is constantly given to sourcing local produce for a local, yet very personal style of cooking. 

The restaurant is located within the commune of La Morra, on the main road between Barolo and Alba, on the first floor.

Visit them at Massimocamia.

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Uve wine bar

Uve wine bar is the ideal place to enjoy products from the Langhe area and beyond, chosen and prepared with care by their professional staff. They have a selection of artisan cheeses, ham and top-quality salami, as well as traditional sweet and savoury specialities. All combined with a local quality wine.

The warm welcome, the service, the atmosphere of the courtyard, the speciality food and wine all come together to create a unique UVE experience any time of day, from a light lunch to afternoon tea, aperitifs and informal evenings.

Visit them at Uve.

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