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Origins of Solo Barolo Wine

The Solo Barolo wine production company was formed in Piedmont, Italy, about 7 years ago. Piedmont is located in the north-west of Italy and has a typical Mediterranean climate with long summers and short winters. Piedmont was also culturally influenced by the surrounding mountains of North Italy.

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The unique wine taste

We often get the question, how do you produce such an excellent taste in wine. We passionately answer that it’s our love of the grapes and the production of the drink that produces the exclusive taste. However, we must admit that the unique taste is formed due to the governing Mediterranean sunny warm weather in combination with the perfect amount of rain and fresh air in the North of Italy.

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How the wine is produced

In short, there are basically five stages or steps to producing wine: The first step is harvesting, then crushing and pressing, the fermentation process, clarification, and then finally aging and bottling.

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Our Solo Barolo collections or vintage even allows you to share the history of wine, from the ancient and pre-eminent fine wine province of Italy since Roman times.

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