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Giribaldi Barolo 2015

We are dedicated to creating Italian Barolo red wines so fine, you will want to add it to your collection. Giribaldi Barolo 2015: James Suckling gave 90 points “So much dried-berry and chocolate fruit with hints of flower. Full body with soft juicy finish. Lots of citrus and berry character. Drink or hold”.

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Making Barolo Wines for dummies

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The first step in the Italian winemaking process is harvesting, which takes place in mid to late October. Without the Nebbiolo grape, there would be no wine for the Barolo producers in the wine regions Monforte d alba and Serralunga valley

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Crushing & Pressing

After crushing and breaking the grape berries, the juice, pulp, and seeds is allowed to flow with the skin and stems of the fruit. Pressing the freshly picked Nebbiolo grapes is commonly the next logical step in the wine production process that separates the juice from the solids.

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Fermentation is the magic at play in the making of Barolo red wine. The fermenting occurs naturally together with the grape skins, with the aid of wild yeasts, which give the wine its red color .

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Inspection & Bottling

The final stage of the Barolo red Italian wines making process involves the waiting and aging, and finally bottling of the wine. During the process bottling goes through multiple operations: pumping, filtration, filling, and corking.

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Quick facts about barolo

What Is the History of Barolo?

Growing wine and winemaking has a long history in northern Italy.  Piedmontese wine was originally sweet and rustic until the last century, then something changed. The famous red wine as we know it today, was created by a count called Camillo Benzo. With the help of French winemaking expert Louis Oudart, they started fermenting the red wines to become dry or dryer than before. Cavour also worked with Pier Francesco Staglieno, who pioneered the use of bottled and closed fermentation tanks, making the drink less susceptible to oxidation and high levels of acidity.

What Is Barolo wine?

Barolo is a fine red wine made from the Nebbiolo grape. Nebbiolo grapes come from the beautiful mountains of Piedmont in northern Italy. These are the finest vineyards situated on the slopes. 

The Barolo red wines made from these vines are incredibly complex and structured and are among the most suitable wines to store long term.

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