Bosco Pierangelo Barolo Boiolo 2017



It smells of flowers, with aromas of plum, small fruits and spices.


Bosco Pierangelo Barolo has a deep carnet, with characteristic orange colour reflection.


Impressions of black cherry, citron, fruit tarte and dry herbs. At the end of the maturation process the wine refines for 24/28 months in barriques (small oak barrels): 50% in new barriques and 50% in old barriques. During this period the wine is transferred at least once to avoid reductions. Barolo is bottled 6 months before its entrance into market in order to have a further ageing of some months.


Braised or roasted meats, wild game, seasoned and strong cheeses. To be decanted and served at a temperature of 20° C.

Weight 1,0 kg