Moscone Brothers Barolo 2015



Ethereal and outstandingly complex in its smartness. Ranging from floral and fruity notes of dried rose petal, cherry and plum to sweet and spicy hints of cinnamon and vanilla. The ending is rich and reminding chocolate and tobacco flavours.


Intense garnet hue.


Moscone Barolo Brothers has a voluptuous, charming and well-balanced, endowed with a remarkable structure and refined dusty tannins. The liquorice aftertaste is endless. Once tasted, you would never stop swallowing it to discover, at any time, new organoleptic sensations. Fermentation and maceration at controlled temperature, betwee 26 and 28°C in stainless steel vats last 15-18 days. Immediately after, the malolactic fermentation is naturally performed and followed by a fining in big Slavonian oak casks for 30 months. A further ageing in the bottle of several months is required.


It´s a wine suitable for aging. It is best served at a temperature between sixteen and eighteen degrees and it´s ideal paired with meat, game and mature cheese.

Weight 1,0 kg